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    Acid reflux causing a sore throat?

    Hi all
    Anyone got any experience with this? Had a persistent sore throat a while back, the doctor put it down to acid reflux caused by a new bed which is a lot more supportive than our old one. Because I'm lying flatter than I used to and have a bit of a weight problem, he thought it was allowing stomach acid to leak into my throat. Sounds feasible and I raised the head end of the bed which helped a bit and I've been trying to lose some weight. Lately it's been troubling me again and I'm wondering why. I've altered my diet to include more fruit and veg to help with a long-standing constipation problem, I've also been eating more generally, comfort-eating TBH, and I've been feeling more anxiety and stress lately because of the general situation, so I guess all this could be related. On the other hand there was a guy in the local paper with terminal throat cancer which started out as a long-term sore throat, so you can guess what my anxiety made of that.

    Anyone got any experience in this area?

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    Re: Acid reflux causing a sore throat?

    Hey, I kinda have the same issues; I've been having a sore throat since March and it's not going away, in addition I've got a hoarse voice which panics me a lot... Had an endoscopy done and doctor said it may be due to acid reflux or post-nasal drip, I've been on medication for 6 days but it hasn't been getting better...

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    Re: Acid reflux causing a sore throat?

    I would keep a good diary so you can tick off the days when it may have been good related.
    I often wake up with a sore throat lately that Iím attributing to either reflux or allergies.

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    Re: Acid reflux causing a sore throat?

    Yes, it causes sore throat.

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