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    Colonoscopy Biopsy - results

    Hi again

    My Mum had a colonoscopy 6 weeks ago. No polyps found. They took 5 biopsies. Shes been given an appointment at the hospital for 2 and a half weeks time, presumably for the results. As she hadn't heard anything Id stopping worrying but now Im feeling anxious that they want to see her? It will be nearly 9 weeks since the procedure. Does biopsy results take that long to come back?!

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    Re: Colonoscopy Biopsy - results

    Yes they can do - especially at the moment.

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    Re: Colonoscopy Biopsy - results


    I had a biopsy last year and it took three months for me to get results. In fact, the wait triggered off a period of severe health anxiety that I'd only just began to get over before coronavirus!
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