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    Tension Headache Worry


    Not been here for a while! Hope everyone is well with the current worrying situation. Stay safe everyone.

    Iím hoping you can help me and put my fears, anxiety and worry to bed.

    I am a 31 year old male, overweight and exercise moderately. I am (fingers crossed) generally well and all recent health checks have come back fine.

    On the afternoon of Sunday 1st March 2020 I started to feel a tension style pressure headache. It is 24/7 and hasnít gone away since that day. The previous day I had been drinking, had some fatty food and was sick (through the mouth and nose).

    The headache is mainly in my temples and front of head and face going down to my nose area. I feel slight nausea at times but not most of the day. I havenít been sick, exercise doesnít seem to make it worse and Iím able to get around as normal. I have noticed a slight blur in my vision and this is normally when Iím looking at my PC or TV and goes when I blink. I have the very off sharp pain but vast many thanks of the time itís just pressure and tension. I also seem to have eyes which are painful and my right eye feels like when you've just woken up (only way to describe it).
    I'll add I had an eye test about a month ago and other than a slight change in my sight everything came back fine, including the pressure test they do on the optic.

    The head feels more pressure and tension when I lay down or bend over. Itís not more painful just more pressure/tension like feeling.

    I am trying to stay well hydrated and I have had a headache like this previously that went on for about a month and a 1/2 approximately 5 years ago.

    Is this anything to be seriously concerned about? My main worry is Brain tumour which makes me anxious so anything that helps put my mind to rest on that front (why it isnít) would be great.

    Happy to answer any further questions required. No cognitive functions have been tricky for me, just to add.


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    Re: Tension Headache Worry

    Hi. Iím in no way medically trained so may be wrong but it sounds like it could be sinus related. X

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