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    Hard time dealing with this lockdown

    So I'm in a state where the virus is bad. Not so much in my area but same state. We are under orders to stay home unless it's for food or meds. We are 2 weeks in but we are actually 3 in this house because my daughter had flu before it really hit our state. I'm having a hard time dealing with my anxiety. Same questions keep going through my head.
    1) what if I have a heart problem and need to go to dr? I have seen a cardiologist numerous times and they assure me my symptoms are normal but I still always have chest pain and occasional palps.
    2) what if my kids needs a dr?
    3) what if we have to go to hospital and we get the virus?
    4) I miss my parents and grandma I usually see them at least a few times a week. This is especially hard on my kids.
    I'm a stay at home mom so I'm used to being home. But not being able to leave is making me feel very closterphobic. We have a little less then an acre so we can go outside but its still pretty cold outside.
    My husband has a real respirator and a tyvek suit and gloves to wear grocery shopping. I'm not even upset about this like I was. I'm scared of me and my family getting the virus.
    What if my parents or grandma get the virus and god forbid end up in the hospital worst case scenario. How could I visit them to say good bye?? This all seems like alot and I'm feeling very overwhelmed

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    Re: Hard time dealing with this lockdown

    Don't beat yourself up about it? I had a moment like this on Friday and my husband pointed out that it's perfectly normal to be upset in an upsetting situation.

    I can't tell you how to feel better, but I can tell you what's working for me. Luckily, as tends to happen, I'm being rescued by my natural curiosity - I'm a problem solver by nature and this situation has given me lots of, well, fun stuff to do.

    I've invested in a small kit to learn a new crafting skill, I'm planning things I can cook in the event of shortages and I'm making sure to get a walk in the park each day so I can listen to birdsong. I'm checking up on small local businesses and ordering from any that deliver. Between that and telecommuting, I've never been so busy. Yes, I'm a bit scared that I'm having to go into work one day a week but I'm also proud to be able to help out vulnerable kids and teens in our region, if only a little.

    Sunflower, I know it's not much but if you need some downtime I'd be happy to offer crafting classes via video link, or even to send a small care package.

    I hope you feel better soon.
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    Re: Hard time dealing with this lockdown

    I'm not like them, but I can pretend

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    Re: Hard time dealing with this lockdown

    We do need perspective to counteract panic no matter how hard it is to appreciate others' extreme resilience under hardship.

    We are being asked to stay at home for the sake of others. Just that.

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    Re: Hard time dealing with this lockdown


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    Re: Hard time dealing with this lockdown

    Thanks for the replies.all of the what ifs are really weighing on me. Its snowing here today so that really isnt helping. I'm gonna really focus on getting homeschool going for my daughter. I can organize my house, it really needs it but I'm afraid once I do it I'll have even more anxiety because my house will ne clean and I'll have nothing left on my list to do

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    Re: Hard time dealing with this lockdown

    How about hobbies? Read a book, gardening, feeding wild birds, photography or even art work. Plant some flowers, the ideas are endless. The internet has a gazillion ideas.

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    Re: Hard time dealing with this lockdown

    It's a really worrying and scary time. When I start to feel overwhelmed I remind myself that these are just thoughts. They are very scary, but just thoughts. It also helps to remind myself that I'm not a psychic. Thinking these thoughts doesn't mean they will come true. If that was the case I'd think my way to winning the lotto! Also, I try to counter the scary thoughts with the opposite eg. My family or I might get sick or they might not. Also if you're on Instagram, follow Mrs Hinch. She is a cleaning guru who has cleaning challenges each week and is really funny. She also has anxiety. All the best to you.

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    Re: Hard time dealing with this lockdown

    I know it wasn't exactly the same and it didn't actually happen but I wonder how people in this country would have taken to any Swine Flu-related lockdowns back in 2009 had they been ordered by the govt at the time?

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