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Thread: Panic Attack and Chronic Illness

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    Panic Attack and Chronic Illness

    Last night i had the biggest panic attack in 20 years. I normally have things under control but last night i convinced myself i was having a heart attack. I get chest pain from indigestion and pins and needles from poor circulation so it is easy to put these symptoms together and end up panicking. I have crohn's disease and a heart rhythm disorder with a pacemaker so am always on edge about health. It's being made so much worse at the moment by being in isolation and worrying about needing to go to hospital.

    Does anyone have any strategies for dealing with this? I am so on edge today and feel like another attack is brewing...

    Thank you so much xxx

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    Re: Panic Attack and Chronic Illness

    Hi Genie, sorry to hear you had this experience. There's plenty of advice on this forum on how to deal with a panic attack.
    What worked for me was:
    1. Allow it happen, acknowledge and accept how you feel and welcome the panic attack.
    2. Count! Count to three (a bit longer: 123, 124, 125) when you breathe in and breathe out.

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    Re: Panic Attack and Chronic Illness

    Focus your attention to something else.
    Learning to calm yourself could be a lot of help too.

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