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Thread: So scared

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    Re: So scared

    Tried the armpit one in myself and it was reading really low

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    Re: So scared

    I donít think you can give them ear ones when they are that little can you.

    Maybe try when heís asleep and relaxed.

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    Re: So scared

    I'm so sorry you're having to worry about this!

    Are you breastfeeding? If so, if you're fighting off the virus you'll give antibodies of it to your baby through the breastmilk.

    Also, like other have said, very few babies have gotten ill even if exposed.

    As far as the temperature, I've found since becoming a mother that you absolutely know when your child has a fever. It's unmistakeable, both because they feel ill and get fussy and because the feel of their skin is very noticeably warmer, even when it's a low fever. I've always known my daughter has a fever just from touching her before I take her temp.

    What state are you in? If you're really worried there may be a drive up test center near you.

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    Re: So scared

    Thank you for that, I keep telling myself he always feels a bit warm and he's eating and playing normally so he must be ok. I'm in California so they are only testing very sick people.

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