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    Thyroid movement causing clicking? lump in throat when swallowing


    I have had this ongoing issue i cant seem to get to the bottom of, Come up about 3 or 4 months ago now where i have a constant issue of the feeling there is a lump in my throat when i swallow - ive read lots on it, and see that there is a link to anxiety, i do have have health anxiety unfortunately

    - throat opening (at back of tongue down) feels much more narrow than it used to
    - my voice has changes
    - lump in throat when swallowing
    - sometimes a click when swallowing

    I've had bloodwork done and an neck/thyroid scan done, all revealing nothing much but a small nodule on thyroid, they mentioned it was too small to comment on

    It seems i can minimize, or even stop the sensation by slowing down the swallowing process, or tilting my head down - which is odd i know!

    Today, for some odd reason i grabbed the thyroid cartilage above my adams apple and moved it left and right whilst keeping my neck still, in this movement it feels like it grinds/clicks several times whilst being moved and at some points, it feels like it gets kind of caught

    Just wanting to get some feedback on both the swalling issue and the "newly found issue" of the thyroid - though i think its a normal thing and trying to build rationale around it
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