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Thread: Rectal bleeding

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    Rectal bleeding

    Does this ever become something you can ignore? I've had it on and off for 20 years or so and the doctors have always put it down to haemorrhoids or a fissure but it still causes me a lot of anxiety. It's been bothering me again since Christmas, not all the time and generally just a smear on the toilet paper but it still sets off the alarm bells. I'm extremely tense at the moment and that kind of transfers down below, so a bit too much straining and it feels like something gives and there's blood again and discomfort for an hour or two. Last time I saw a doctor about it he offered me a colonoscopy but said he was 99% sure it was the usual problem. I didn't like the sound of that 1% but I couldn't handle the anxiety of a colonoscopy at the time and there's not much hope of getting one now or even a doctor's appointment in the current situation.

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    Re: Rectal bleeding

    I completely understand where youíre coming from, Iíve been the same. Every couple of days thereís blood on stool and on TP and now Iím honestly very scared. I was referred for a sigmoidoscopy, but considering the current situation I donít think thatís happening.

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    Re: Rectal bleeding

    I too have a rectal bleeding. It began with quite abit on stool and when I wipe. This has gradually decreased to tiny amounts on the stool. I had a proctoscopy and was told internal pile with evidence of bleeding but I've had 2 lots of steroid treatment and still the bleeding continues. My health anxiety is extreme and has me fishing my poop out of the pan for inspection 🙈 I'm convinced it isnt piles and something far worse.

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