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Thread: Smoking in the 1990s

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    Re: Smoking in the 1990s

    Quote Originally Posted by AntsyVee View Post
    There's labeling here on alcohol in the US. Wow...we're actually ahead of another country in something
    I think we're always number one when it comes to litigiousness! I'm in law school and took a Torts class last year. Warning labels was a whole section!

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    Re: Smoking in the 1990s

    LOL Good to know, Erin. If only some people came with warning labels
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    Re: Smoking in the 1990s

    Canada is well ahead on supplements over us. A few years back I remember a Canadian member telling me about the labelling of ingredients which was far ahead of us. Just look at magnesium supplements as an example where it doesn't tell you the elemental value.
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    Re: Smoking in the 1990s

    Quote Originally Posted by Lolalee1 View Post
    Sorry Lencoboy but it doesn’t take a pandemic or wars and the rest you speak of for DV in the home.
    I agree that those things don't necessarily cause DV itself, but times of grave adversity most certainly can serve as a potential trigger for it.

    On the other hand, I also believe that certain people (especially those who already have a bit of a screw loose themselves) have a tendency to deliberately use times of adversity and hardship as a vehicle and an excuse to indulge in their neanderthal-like antics, assuming they might be more able to get off scot-free. Not that I agree with it though, in fact quite cunning and conniving IMO.

    I've even heard of some people who have allegedly abused vulnerable people in their care saying 'It's the cuts wot made me do it'!!

    Blame game galore!!

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