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Thread: anyone know what is normal temperature range for armpit?

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    Re: could anxiety cause a rise in temp?

    Our body temps can fluctuate all day long, up to a degree. And yes anxiety can definitely cause your temp to rise.

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    Re: anyone know what is normal temperature range for armpit?


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    Re: anyone know what is normal temperature range for armpit?

    You have nothing to worry about. 36.9 is normal. If it rises to above 37.5, then I would say monitor it.

    Anxiety does make you hot, so will confuse matters. I checked my temp the other evening as I felt very warm and sweaty, but I was also anxious. It was 37 exactly. I checked it an hour later, and it was 36.5.

    Try not to get hung up on checking all of the time, though I appreciate that is easier said than done! You will undoubtedly know when you have a REAL fever.

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    Re: anyone know what is normal temperature range for armpit?

    When I get quite anxious I can get a higher temperature, and the more I check it, it stays the same.

    You are classed as having a high temperature or fever if it’s over 37.5. But even then I wouldn’t be too worried.

    Usually if I have a fever because I’m ill I feel ill. I guarantee if you stop checking so much that you’ll feel better. Just try & do something else next time you want to check.

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