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Thread: Shortness of breathe

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    Shortness of breathe

    What a time to have health Anxiety.... Iím experiencing a lot of shortness of breath for the last three days .. has any body else been experiencing this through these times it seems like soon as a heard it was a symptom my anxiety went oh thatís what Iíll do to you next .. if it wasnít for me having shortness of breathe

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    Re: Shortness of breathe

    I've felt like I've had that for the Past week. Sliggt but definitely noticeable. It's causing a crazy amount of anxiety. 😞

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    Re: Shortness of breathe

    It's anxiety. I would lay money on that.

    I have had SOB for weeks now since this damned virus emerged. My anxiety was fine before that. When we hyperventilate (even without realising it) we feel like we are SOB and not getting enough air in. You are not alone in this!

    Try to distract your mind away from how you are breathing and I assure you, it will get better. Do ANYTHING. Watch a movie, read a book/magazine, even play some games online or whatever! I find when I am actively using my brain to do something, it calms my breathing pattern.

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    Re: Shortness of breathe

    You are definitely not alone. Ever since I read that "shortness of breath" was a symptom of coronavirus, I've had several episodes where I feel like I am struggling to breathe.
    The only things that have slightly helped for me so far are:
    - Going for a brisk walk
    - Strictly limiting news intake (or having a news free day altogether)
    - Trying to stay as distracted as possible with non-coronavirus related things!

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    Re: Shortness of breathe

    Iíve been getting it but I haven never really been worried about the new coronavirus. To be honest, the virus doesnít really scare me because Iím young and so thereís almost a 0% chance that Iíll have lasting effects. But even with this fact, Iíve had many times within the past 2 weeks that Iíve felt SOB. I correlated it to the new virus but I never had fever or anything. Most people who feel SOB and have this virus deal with so many other symptoms besides for that, and so I 100% think anxiety is the culprit behind this symptom.

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