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    Had First Hangover. Help?!?

    Hello everyone

    so last night I indulged in a little too much of vodka and now I am paying the price.

    I am usually good about not drinking too much but this kinda snuck up on me.

    I threw up twice last night. This morning I feel better but my stomach is queasy.

    How long does it take to recover from this? I am a 28 year old male.

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    Re: Had First Hangover. Help?!?

    How long is a piece of string?

    Drink plenty of water, take some paracetamol if you can and want to and make sure you eat.

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    Re: Had First Hangover. Help?!?

    I feel much better now. My appetite has grown over the day. I had a fairly large dinner.

    I have been drinking ginger tea throughout the day. I still feel a bit queezy though.

    I think I will take a month off the booze after last night. Yuck!!!

    EDIT: Still worried about lasting health effects though. I figure since this is my first (and likely last) time being drunk I will be fine but I always wonder.

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    Re: Had First Hangover. Help?!?

    There won't be any lasting health effects. Just be aware that as you get older, hangovers get more likely. On a personal note, drinking slowly helps me avoid them - I can handle three pints over a lazy afternoon but two in a couple of hours absolutely wrecks me. That said, everybody's body is different and I'm not a vodka drinker, so your mileage may vary.
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    Re: Had First Hangover. Help?!?

    Just to add to the above posts. This sounds like a good many hangovers I've had before. Your anxiety might feel slightly higher at the moment too as a result of it kicking back in after the alcohol temporarily took the edge off the anxiety - that's been my experience in the past too. (And a major reason why I don't drink much these days).

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