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    Starting to struggle

    I think I'm depressed as I can't go a day without crying. I'm just getting upset over everything and it's ruining my life. I suffer from panic attacks and now I feel like I can't control any of this stuff.

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    Re: Starting to struggle

    You really need to talk to your doctor and get some help before it goes too far - I know these are difficult times but can you call them?

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    Re: Starting to struggle

    I'm already on medication. I think it's all the stress of what is going on at the moment. I'm diabetic as well so very paranoid about everything.

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    Re: Starting to struggle

    Hi Kel,

    How long have you been on meds? Maybe your dosage needs adjusting if you are not getting any relief from it, but in saying that, I have also been struggling lately with my depression and anxiety/panic since all of this nightmare pandemic stuff started up. This is a very stressful time for everyone, even those who do not have existing mental health issues. It is no wonder that we feel our depression/panic flare up badly, so in that respect, you are not alone, if that helps. I suffer from asthma so have been quite worried myself, though more worried about my elderly parents which is flaring my panic attacks.

    I would firstly contact your doctor if you can. Most are doing telephone consultations at the moment. You must explain how you are feeling as it is clearly distressing you and managing it yourself at the moment is a problem. There is always going to be a normal level of anxiety with this kind of situation, but if it is taking over your life every day, THAT is not right and needs addressing.

    So again, please contact your doctor. In the meantime, try if you can to distract your mind from the fact you feel so bad at the moment. ANYTHING helps: watch a film, play games on the internet.....anything that you enkoy doing and that takes your mind off of how you feel, as it really does help, especially with anxiety and panic. Panic attacks are a spiral - once they kick off it is hard to get control, but if you take your mind away from the anxious feelings and thoughts, a panic is less likely to occur.

    Take care and stay strong.x

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