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Thread: Fear of Driving

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    Fear of Driving

    Hi everyone! So this isnít a usual post for me, as i usually struggle with health anxiety/ocd. Lately though, I got hired at a new job, and need to drive there. Today I drove with my dad in the car, and I was turning left. The other two lights beside me were green and I mistook them as mine, and started to go, and my dad started freaking out because it was a yellow. Itís stupid little mistakes like that that freak me out, because they seem to happen a lot to me, and then in the middle of a situation like that my brain goes blank, I get so scared, I usually make it worse somehow, like stopping completely.

    Anyways Iím not really new to driving, I started in high school, driving to school every morning with my mom in the car. My parents even hired a driving instructor to practice with me, and Iíve had my license for about 2 years now, but I have yet to drive alone. Anyways, I have to work until 9pm on Tuesday and Iím on the verge of a panic attack because that means Iíll have to drive my dadís car alone, in the dark. My heartís pounding just thinking about it. Itís nervewracking enough driving alone in the day, but during the night? I have no idea how Iím going to do it, Iím so scared.

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    Re: Fear of Driving

    You're going to be fine. Stick to the outer lanes, so you can always pull over if you feel the need.
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