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    Discharge during period

    Hi, I hope everyone is keeping safe!!

    I have a quick question about some discharge, and really hope that I'm over reacting.
    I currently have my period, today is day 3, and it's a fairly heavy one which is not unusual for me.
    I noticed yesterday, and again today, after going to the bathroom, that when I wiped there was obviously a lot of blood on the tissue but also what looked like a sort of mucus. The mucus appeared to be fairly clear in colour.
    I don't know if this is a normal thing or not. Trying to think if I have ever seen this before during my period and the answer is I don't know.
    Can this be a sign of anything bad, or does it sound normal?
    I am tensed up at the moment with what's going on in the world and on the verge of losing my job as well so any reassurance would be greatly appreciated..

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    Re: Discharge during period

    Sounds normal to me. During ovulation (so mid-cycle) you normally will get a lot of this type of discharge, so maybe it is leftover from that and as your womb lining is now being shed, the discharge is coming out too. I get a lot of this kind of clear, thick discharge during ovulation myself.

    As long as a discharge isn't a weird colour or smelly, it is generally pretty normal. Our hormones do all kinds of random things, so try not to worry!

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    Re: Discharge during period

    Yes this happens to me some periods

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    Re: Discharge during period

    Thank you both for your replies. I know I get this type of discharge during ovulation but I just can't remember if I've also seen it during my period. I didn't notice it today, so that was good.
    My period also lightened off today but then tonight it got heavy again. Trying to stay calm about that now, as it normally wouldn't get heavy again once it started to ease. I guess I'll just wait and see what the next few days brings but it doesn't help knowing that I can't go running to the doctor if I need to. I think that fear is playing in the back of my mind all the time.

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    Re: Discharge during period

    How old are you? I've read this can happen during perimenopause because your estrogen levels can be higher than usual during your actual period. It's nothing to worry about, just normal hormonal fluctuation with age. This was the first sign to me that I may be in peri (I'm 37).

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