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    Esophagus - inability to eat rice... Ambulance came

    I always drink a copious amount of water when eating, my whole life. I can't imagine being able to eat without drinking between almost each bite. I also have anxiety since a child (middle aged now).

    2 months ago I was traveling in Istanbul, my GF and I were eating in a Sushi restaurant and all of a sudden I felt soemething stuck in my throat. I could breathe fine, I could talk, but whenever I tried to drink water I'd spit it back up immediately. I had never heard of having a mass stuck in your esophagus.

    The restaurant called the ambulance, they came out and by that time I had been taking small sips of water an the symptoms disappeard. The ambulance did nothing.

    No problems since then, until last night. My girlfriend made me very sticky rice with chicken, about 5 bites into it I got that feeling again, so stopped just in time. I spent the better part of 3 hr in the bathroom drinking water and trying to throw up. Essentially I can breathe and talk, I can swallow water and even throw up, but still feels like I'm about to choke.

    Now the next day - it feels like something is in my throat. I just ate waffles and no problem getting them to go down (with water) but till feels like something under my adams apple.

    I've been very stressed lately - with all this coronavirus - like i'm sure we all are. i've been obsessing about it - really.

    I've had all kinds of panic issue surface as physical manifestations over the years - could this be another common one?

    I can't see a doctor - i live in a country where all clinics are closed - and the hospitals are full of COVID19 patients.


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    Re: Esophagus - inability to eat rice... Ambulance came

    You've probably just irritated your oesophagus; that can leave you feeling as though there's something stuck there. If you can eat and drink okay, there's almost certainly nothing wrong.
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    Re: Esophagus - inability to eat rice... Ambulance came

    This is a common symptom of Anxiety I have had the same feeling like something always stuck in my throat.
    I take Somac for Gerd even that isn’t helping at the moment.

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    Re: Esophagus - inability to eat rice... Ambulance came

    Yes, this sounds like anxiety.

    I have this periodically and it is a very distressing sensation, like your throat is closing up or something is stuck there. It is called the 'globus sensation' and is due to an overactive nervous system and muscle tension. It is not dangerous, but it is very unsettling indeed.

    Like most anxiety symptoms, once you are able to calm down a bit, distract yourself away from that awful feeling, you will find it gets better, like when the ambulance came out to you - you were drinking some water, probably comforted by the thought that help was coming, that in turn took your mind off of the 'lump in the throat' feeling, thus it went away.

    You will find that once you feel better anxiety wise, this will go away. Sadly, it is just one of the very uncomfortable, stress-induced things that we have to suffer. Distraction helps a lot, like with most anxiety things. Keeping occupied and busy, watching a movie, listening to music....whatever you like to do.

    As Lolalee1 said, you CAN get this lump in throat feeling with acid reflux and the drug Omeprazole will help with that, but it is far too coincidental that your anxiety and stress has been very bad lately, as globus is a classic symptom of that.

    This is a really good website that explains:

    Hope it settles soon for you.
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