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    missing my boyfriend during this lockdown, anxiety is also getting worse.

    Haven't seen my boyfriend in a week now because of this lockdown which I know doesn't sound like long but he helps me so much when I feel down/anxious. which is most of the time anyway. I feel really lonely as well. I guess it is just really hard because when I get anxious I just want hug from him and I can't do that now. I have no idea when I will see him again because where I am they are saying anywhere from 14-28 days for this lock down, but that could be even longer. It really sucks (and yeah I know everyone is in the same situation with friends and family but I just want to put my feelings down somewhere). We don't do phone calls or video chat just message all day, He hasn't mentioned phoning or video chatting, an I'm scared to bring it up (probably a social anxiety thing, not keen on phone calls anyway). Anything we can do to make this easier? we send each other memes/videos and tag each other in posts which is fun. I keep wanting to send him cute messages about how much he means to me but don't wanna come across as clingy or annoy him. It would probably be cringy anyway. I guess I'm just rambling here, would be nice to see how anyone in the same boat is coping though.

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    Re: missing my boyfriend during this lockdown, anxiety is also getting worse.

    Afternoon Kitkat99,
    I can understand we're your coming from, and yes we are all going through this unfortuately however it won't last forever. I would suggest even try giving him a phone call even if it's only for 5-10 minutes a day. You could always ask if he wanted to play a game on the phone just to make things a little different. If you are both on Facebook, you could do video on messenger and this also allows you to use filters and play games whilst your talking to each other which should give you some comfort.

    If you would like to talk to someone, or if you feel like you need some extra support feel free to head to

    I hope you get to see your boyfriend again soon, but please try video chat or phone calls this should make you feel a lot better and gain more confidence!


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