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    Re: How do you think the lockdown will or is affecting your HA?

    It's affecting other aspects of my mental health more, I think. I'm definitely feeling more depressed (unusual for me) because I really, really miss interacting with people outside my home. And, I have just a general blanket of anxiety that is making me completely unfocused on work, school, and parenting, so I fee like I'm failing at all the things. Being cooped up is making me feel insane and I just burst into tears at random moments.

    As for health anxiety, the one thing that is being affected are my worries about my fibroids. I am supposed to have a hysterectomy May 13 that most likely won't happen. It hasn't been canceled yet, but I would have to start my pre-op testing after April 13 and I can't imagine heading to my doctor's office for blood work and a chest x-ray in two weeks. Stress really makes my symptoms worse, so I've been really physically uncomfortable the last few weeks and get bursts of panic that something will happen that requires me to go to the ER. I had a past fibroid end in emergency surgery 9 years ago, so I'm really on edge about them right now. Right now I have at least 5 and my uterus is the size of a 5 month pregnancy, so I can't really stop thinking about them since they jut out of my abdomen...

    Surprisingly my contamination issues aren't AS bad right now because we're staying in the house. But, I struggle a lot when we need to bring anything into the home. It took me 2.5 hours to wash and put away all our groceries two weeks ago and we have a pick up scheduled for next week that I'm already dreading. I haven't gotten the mail in 2 weeks because I don't want to touch it... But, in the day to day I'm not worried too much about contamination.

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    Re: How do you think the lockdown will or is affecting your HA?

    I am struggling. 64 years old with almost lifelong generalised anxiety with a side order of health anxiety. I live alone, apart from my dog. I don’t drive. Before CV I’d take the dog out for lots of walks and meet people out and about and see my sister and her family now and then and all of that was fine for me who was happy to see folks but happy to go home and chill alone. Now it’s one walk and I feel sorry for the dog because she’s never liked toileting in the back garden and it’s too small to run about in. I very rarely see anyone I know on our one walk and my (small) family are out of bounds. Shopping is a nightmare because I can’t get anything I actually need. Where are people getting masks and disposable gloves and antibacterial sprays and wipes? I can’t just drive off to another supermarket a few miles away and try my luck elsewhere? And yet I know I am so much better off than thousands of people because I am retired with a small company pension and I don’t have to worry about money. The doctor’s is closed and that’s a safety net gone. I’m sleeping poorly, not eating very much and failing to get on and do all the jobs around the house. I have hayfever, vertigo and reflux so gardening, which I used to enjoy so much, is out. I also can’t really play with the dog because of these things and she’s going to get just as miserable. When I get stuck in an HA rut I find it very hard to distract myself with stuff. Going out for a walk was the only solution for me and I can’t do that. Any tips? Anyone else doing all this alone?

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    Re: How do you think the lockdown will or is affecting your HA?

    Hi folks. My anxiety has always been generalised/social but since turning 50 nearly four years ago, health has figured more prominently. Strangely any obsessions with potential serious illnesses like heart disease etc have vanished with the CV pandemic. Now its contamination fears, getting too close to strangers, washing hands etc.

    In a sense being stuck at home has become easier with these restrictions because I don't have free will regarding leaving the house. I've stopped thinking 'I can't go out because I'm too anxious' and instead thinking 'I can't go out because the government won't let me'. But then I don't get the chance to test that
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    Re: How do you think the lockdown will or is affecting your HA?

    The lockdown is effecting quite a lot but in strange ways, my HA is through the roof at the moment not because of catching Corv19 but because I have just seemed to be ill since christmas. I feel run down and fed up. I can't seem to shift this heavy mood I feel/ I don't think it helps I am ot seeing my partner, we don't leave together yet. So hes at his place and I am with my parents, its not possible for us to stay together through out this.

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    Re: How do you think the lockdown will or is affecting your HA?

    My HA is also very, very high. It relates to a brain tumour, which I have been told many times there is no evidence for - just some worrying symptoms. 2 key factors relating to the lockdown:

    1. Can't escape from the HA by doing something interesting as just about all the things I like doing have been stopped.
    2. No safety net - I can't console myself by saying "I will consult my GP if I need to" because I am well aware that by taking up the time of a medical professional I will contribute to someone else's death.

    What I'd really like is some sort of drug that will give me 3 months of peaceful, refreshing sleep and wake up to find things are getting back to normal - but I guess I speak for billions with that fantasy!

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    Re: How do you think the lockdown will or is affecting your HA?

    Quote Originally Posted by Panicattacka View Post
    More worried about the world entering Depression 2.0 to be honest.
    That is a major cause for concern amongst us all, but it all still very much remains a hypothetical scenario ATM.

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    Re: How do you think the lockdown will or is affecting your HA?

    Mine gone up, and back on my testicles and heart worries agian

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    Re: How do you think the lockdown will or is affecting your HA?

    It's not been easy. I have health anxiety, more specifically..infections are my thing. Can you believe it? If I was a betting woman, I'd take my ass to Vegas. Too late, I'm in Vegas and finding it hard as ever to cope!

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