I am really scared and I need help. I was complaining of ear pain and sinus pressure on Wednesday. It went away though and came back on Thursday. I noticed it was a little bit more painful this time, but again, it went away. On Friday, I woke up with terrible jaw and ear pain on my right side. It was dull throughout the day and became more severe over night. I wasnít able to fall asleep that night until five am. On Saturday, pain got even worse. I could feel it on both sides of my jaw now and ibuprofen wouldnít kill the pain at all. I only got three hours of sleep that night.

I finally got up to urgent care today. Doctor told me that I had fluid behind my ear drum on the right side and my left side seemed full of ear wax. He said it didnít look infected and prescribed me allergy medication. He also told me that I should buy an ear wax removal kit at the store.

I have no fever but this pain is severe. Like 10 out of 10. Excruciating pain. Iím so paranoid I could have an ear infection or a tooth infection I wasnít diagnosed with.