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    Anxiety symptoms days after stressful event

    A couple of nights ago one of my children was very sick and had to be taken to the hospital (they’re fine and at home now). For the night before and the day I was at hospital with them I felt wrecked, but still ok, no panic attacks etc. But the next night after it was over my stomach started churning and I had terrible heartburn, lasted a whole day and indigestion so bad I couldn’t eat for two days. Then my stomach felt better, but I had a headache for the whole of yesterday. Today I was fine in the morning, but my chest has been tight all afternoon. Has anyone started having anxiety after something stressful has happened? Or is the tight chest the start of a heart attack do you think?

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    Re: Anxiety symptoms days after stressful event


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    Re: Anxiety symptoms days after stressful event

    It's very common to feel anxiety after the event.

    It's even more likely if your stomach reacts to the anxiety as that can take days to settle down.

    Best thing to do is just let your mind/body go through the process and allow yourself to calm down again over the coming days. Don't read anything into it.

    Hope your child is better now!

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