Hi all,

I noticed probably 2-3 months ago now that I had a small lump on my chest, bellow the breast. I had some rib pain on the other side of my body (pretty sure that turned out to be anxiety after a trip to the doctors) so thatís how I noticed. Iím pretty sure the armpit lump is an ingrown hair or blocked gland? Iím worried about the lump on my chest more. Itís extremely small and only found by running my hand over the area.

Itís hard to say wether itís hard or soft, its similar to an ingrown hair/ spot. Itís also worth noting neither of the lumps feel as if theyíve grown since I first noticed them. With everything going on in the world I feel reluctant to go to the doctors as this is probably nothing and just health anxiety, therefore wasting the doctors time. The signs point to it being just a lump of fat. Iím 27, male, relatively healthy apart from being over weight and no family history of cancer.

I guess just looking for some reassurance or wether I should actually visit the doctors? Thanks