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    Ruminating OCD Habit? Tips for Dealing with OCD?

    I always seem to ruminate over every intrusive thought or anything else that bothers me. I carefully analyze my feelings when I have these thoughts, and I always wonder why: Why do I feel this way? Why did I have that thought? etc. After torturing myself like this, I realized that my compulsion (ruminating) was always making my anxiety worse. My reason for ruminating is to find the "deeper" reason for me thinking, acting or feeling this way, but I realized that ruminating was fruitless. Still, it's hard to just stop. Anxiety has also messed up my body. I'm feeling a lot more fatigued, and my appetite has decreased. I'm trying to find a therapist (kind of difficult with quarantine going on), but until then, what're some tips for coping with OCD? Two tips I know are positive thinking and stopping compulsions (ruminating).

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    Re: Ruminating OCD Habit? Tips for Dealing with OCD?

    Hi JooneBug, I'm speaking as a fellow sufferer here, not an expert as such, but I've been using guided mindfulness session recordings (mainly on Youtube). Some mental health charities also hAve them free or downloadable on their website. It takes practice, but the goal is to become mindful of your thoughts rather than fighting them or shutting them out. Any exercise you can do may also help alleviate feelings of anxiety and serve as at least a partial distraction. I've been using free yoga and pilates videos online, as well as guided meditation and progressive muscle relaxation recordings.

    They're not an instant fix, but can be beneficial if you regularly practice

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    Re: Ruminating OCD Habit? Tips for Dealing with OCD?

    I am doing this constantly at the moment, it's horrible. Sometimes my mind get so scrambled that I don't even know what I was originally worrying about and it just turns into an anxious, confused mess. It's scaring me so badly.

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