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    Strange symptoms

    Hi there, Iíve never posted on anything like this before, itís lovely to see lots of support for people who panic like me! Iíve had a horrible sore throat for about a month now. Last week I started with a pain and then a swelling on the back of my hand. A few hours later the same pain and swelling appeared on the top of my foot. Since then the pain has spread to multiple places. Currently the worse pain is all underneath my feet where I have random little swellings. Iím struggling to walk. Also my fingers and hands hurt. My throat is still extremely sore. I had some blood tests done and it looks like theyíve all come back clear. I completely understand how busy all the doctors are at the moment but Iím in lots of pain. Does anyone know if it could just be virus related to sore throat, or can stress cause symptoms like this? But there is swelling not just pain. Itís making me really anxious now. Iím a mum to 4 children and just want to feel better. Thanks for listening.

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    Re: Strange symptoms

    Well I don't know but if you have swelling as well as pain maybe you could show to your chemist and they could tell you wether you should go to the doc or not. Just a thought

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    Re: Strange symptoms

    I had swelling similar to that years ago. My ankles seemed to have the worse swelling. But in my case, it turned out I was consuming too much salt. My doc prescribed a diuretic and I reduced my salt intake and the problem went away. Also, on another occasion I had a family member that had the same problem, but that was due to an allergic reaction to a new type of medication she was taking. Her doc changed meds and that problem went away.
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