Hi everyone,

Hope your all keeping safe and well

its been a good few years since I was last on here think it was about 2014, well I am back cause I have replased in a big way. Its getting to the point I am getting depressed so I need friendly ears to bend if thats ok.
A bit of background I had my first experince of what Anixety can do back in 2009. I was house bound for six weeks until I found a trusting and caring doctor who listened and perscriped me some meds and with that and doing all the right things I slowly got better and lived my life as best as I could.
Over the years as I got better my confiedence grew and I knew I wanted more from life and in 2018 I decided to finish my relationship of 14 years. I moved back in with my parents and life started a new. The divorce caused me all sorts of stress and this is when it all started again. I will hold my hands up I knew the physical syptoms where down to stress but I started to think what if and I started to go down the circle of checking myself for new syptoms, googling things and its driving me mad and I am getting depressed with it as well. Its not helped I a very bad cold for weeks, a cyst came up on my back and now I still have a sore throat and think I have oral thrush so now I am driving myself mad over that. I keep checking myself and googling its like a never ending cycle I know I should stop but I can't.
Please someone give me some tips cause I just feel like crawling in bed and staying there. Life has been turned upside down enough and I don't need to be doing this to myself as well.
sorry for rambing