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    Had a bad night's sleep even with Trazodone. Fatal Insomnia?

    Last night I took a Trazodone to help me sleep, but my sleep was really bad when it usually knocks me out....I felt like my sleep was very light, like I was just lying awake with my eyes closed. (the kind of close your eyes at 2AM and when you open them it's 430) it felt like I got no sleep last night....I'm really scared that this is the beginning of the Fatal Insomnia disease.....which I heard progresses faster with sleep aids :( Please help me....

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    Re: Had a bad night's sleep even with Trazodone. Fatal Insomnia?

    One bad night sleep doesn't mean you will get that.

    I think you have been Googling too much to be honest.

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    Re: Had a bad night's sleep even with Trazodone. Fatal Insomnia?

    In most cases of fatal insomnia, the onset of sleeping issues occurs in the end. If anything, insomnia has nothing to do with this disease. The only reason itís called ďfatal insomniaĒ is because you lose your ability to sleep in the end. The real issue with this disease is the fact that prions fry your brain and basically turn it into mush. Trust me, sleeping issues donít indicate this terrible and awful disease. If you had this disease, you would have difficulty thinking, writing, walking, and etc. Insomnia would most certainly be your last issue if you had this illness. Also, I assume no one in your family has had this disease? If so, you have a 1/1,000,000,000 chance of getting Sporadic Fatal Insomnia. Considering that, donít waste your time worrying about it. I used to fear SFI, but as time went by, I got over it. Hopefully itís the same with you, best of luck.

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