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    Just when you least expect it...ROT sets in!

    Hi all,
    I haven't posted in a little while but drop by from time to time ...I always found such support amongst friends here when I sorely needed it.
    I have had chronic GAD and panic disorder most of my 62 yrs and it has been ( mostly) managed by sympathetic friends family and doctors to the point where I can function.

    (A special thankyou to Prince Valium here I think!)

    I still have waves of cataclysmic black thoughts and rocking backwards and forwards on a regular basis though. I 'catastrophise' for England and, believe me, I have a VERY vivid imagination! Rabbit-holing my everloving wif calls it.

    Never more so than during this current crisis.

    I have developed early stage COPD which is a worry in itself. My B in law is in intensive care right now and my Sister has just been confirmed with CV as well.
    Grim times.
    I am desperately worried for them both. My wif and I planned to hunker down in our ramshackle cottage and,....just as the sun began to shine we had the most sickening outbreak of Fungal mould spores and I spotted the tell tale signs of Dry rot throughout thr whole house. We couldn 't breathe...nausea...sickness....panic. OMG!!

    We can't go in builders...consult anybody....just stuck in a toxic prison for the duration. My wife in tears for days and my anxiety level, well I'm sure you can imagine.
    A friend eventually offered us the short term use of their unused holiday let a day ago so we have just had to abandon our house for the forseeable.

    I am close to the absolute edge and I fear the worst. We can't overstay our welcome here and have nothing to go back to but yet more mayhem and crisis.

    Neither of us are coping. At all. I fear the worst and I can't be 'strong' for my wife.

    I am not able to sleep or eat and my Valium intake is starting to rise from 'as needed ' to 'all day'.

    Thankyou for reading this far people. A word of comfort would go a long way for us! Alternatively......
    Anybody know anything about Dry Rot?

    It doesn't seem to respond to Diazepam?

    Be$t to all,


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    Re: Just when you least expect it...ROT sets in!

    Hi Widge

    Sorry you are having such a rough time �� I hope things improve soon and that your family members recover soon.


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