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Thread: Cracked Tooth

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    Cracked Tooth

    I couple weeks ago I think I cracked my back tooth and with Caronavirus being around I canít go to my dentist at first it did not feel bad now it hurts.Im kind of addicted to playing around with the cracked tooth with my tongue to see if my tooth is in tact and and wonít break piece by piece and I accidentally swolliw it as it can cause internal damage my biggest fear and now I have intrusive thoughts about if I cracked my teeth is it possible to break even if I donít chew on it

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    Re: Cracked Tooth

    Teeth are very strong. I had a cacked tooth (as in seriously cracked not chipped) and it took a while for dentists to even find. I had some special work done on it and it's ok now but it managed to survive about 6 months before I got it dealt with.

    You could break it if you chew on it...avoid nuts, bread, popcorn, toffee etc. If you don't chew on it it is less likely to break.

    Is it cracked or chipped? What's the sensation?

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