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    Visual disturbance

    Hello, 27 year old female.
    Think I'm having a migraine, but I'm really distressed about this visual symptom, first it started out as a tiny flashing circle, blocking my vision about 15 minutes ago , now it's turned into a wavy, flashing line going across my vision, at least it isn't blocked anymore but this is really distressing, don't think i've had it this bad before. Have a headache. I don't know what to do, took some painkillers. I have been turning my neck and it aches too alot since I've been doing work and writing down notes. seems to have moved out to my peripheral vision now. seems spinny and strange. Can't sleep, worried it's going to progress. Seems like the whole of my right peripheral vision has been blocked out.I'm on my period and it was quite heavy to start off with, might be a hormonal migrane, it's just really distressing.Feels like I'm having a stroke or something. Feel quite weak, might be the painkillers kicking in....
    Thanks alot.

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    Re: Visual disturbance

    Hi Siffi,
    I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this espically with all whats going on. Have you ever experienced this before, and how long has it been going on?

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    Re: Visual disturbance

    How are you now Siffi ? As someone who had hormonal classic migraines until I was around 30, I know how awful they can make you feel. Presuming you did have a migraine, its worth getting hold of some migraleve, which includes a tablet to take when you feel your vision go. Other advice is - put on some dark glasses right away, sit quietly lying back somewhat, with your eyes closed, preferrably in a dim room....but before all of a sweet carbohydrate. For some people it reduces blood flow as the stomach takes some of that flow, and it can really help.

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    Re: Visual disturbance

    I have exactly the same when I have an aura before a migraine. The zigzag line that eventually works it's way out of my vision. I sometimes get the headache within half an hour of the aura.

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