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    Re: Coronavirus and Asthma (hayfever)

    My Mum and I are both diagnosed asthmatics (both diagnosed in childhood) and use inhalers (I only really need the blue Salbutamol inhaler these days) but my Dad, who is definitely not asthmatic, was prescribed a blue inhaler as he suffers from pretty bad hayfever and his breathing gets affected, so no, an inhaler doesn't necessarily mean you are asthmatic, not unless you are formally diagnosed.

    It just helps open the airways when the hayfever is doing it's worst.

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    Re: Coronavirus and Asthma (hayfever)

    Hi debs71 - thank you so much! Yeah that makes sense and thatís what I was thinking as my doctor never mentioned me being asthmatic. So I was quite confused. Iíve been able to get another prescription just in case my hayfever gets really bad like it did in 2018.

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