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Thread: Therapist Lied to me....I think??

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    Therapist Lied to me....I think??

    I have been seeing this therapist for about eight months now. It was really really hard for me to find one and I went through a couple before settling with this one. He's got this authoritative, direct style of therapy and has a pretty no-nonsense attitude. He takes notes on his laptop during the session also. A couple of months ago, I noticed that he was using his phone behind his laptop during the session and I asked him about it. He really quickly said, "I'm sorry I gave you the perception that I'm using my phone but my phone is put away." I sat there apologizing to him and feeling pretty stupid. But at the end of the session I noticed his phone was wedged inside his laptop and he really quickly opened the door and led me away.

    The next session I brought it up and he said that wasn't actually his phone but his electronic notebook which he uses to send notes to the front desk....there is a possibility that this could be true....

    However, what I don't understand is why the first time he sat there and was talking about my perception and that sort of thing when he could have just said that it was his notebook. I have told him many times that I have a fear of someone messing with my head and also being ignored and neglected etc...

    I don't want to believe that he actually lied to me because that would just make me feel yucky and I don't know if I should leave him over this or not......

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    Re: Therapist Lied to me....I think??

    I can see why that would confuse and upset you. It would be very unprofessional if he were to breach your trust like that. What do you think about going back? Do you think his response is feasible?

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