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    Struggling again

    In writing this out of frustration, I had been doing quite well. Yet for the last few weeks I've been having horrible headaches. I put it down to stress, as I had been working in a care home and with the virus there is alot of stress.

    Yet yesterday the headaches got so bad I had to go home, today I woke up with both my hands being numb and I couldn't unlock them for a good twenty minutes. I manged to have a okay morning before I sudden just got this strange feeling were I didn't feel real? I suddenly became hyperaware of everything, like I can feel every this of my heart and just every little body movement.

    I tried to do some deep breathing but I suddenly felt unable to breath. I cried for a two full hours I felt so overwhelmed. My heart just feels all over the place, I can bearly see the pain behind my eyes is so bad.

    I just feel like my body is about to give out, I know it's probs just to do with alot of stress and anixety but I'm feeling really lost. With everything going on I have no one to talk to and my therapy isn't currently. For the first time in foever, I had the need to rush to the a&e which is the WORST thing anyone could do right now. I had heart tests just a few months ago so I know deep down it's fine, the headache are horrible but I'm able to move about. I think I'm being hyperaware also. Plus like many u have sinus issues

    Just wanted a little time to feel sorry for myself tbh

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    Re: Struggling again

    LouiseAndy I think I remember reading somewhere that you are caring for the elderly during this virus? If so (and even if not, really!!) you have every right to be stressed and feeling down right now. This is an incredibly difficult situation for everyone and especially for the front line essential workers.

    is there anything you enjoy doing for relation? Long soak in the tub, time in the garden, just sitting and soaking up some sunshine? Anything that can just be “you” time.

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