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    Sharp pains in my side for two years. Getting worried.

    Hi all! I'm new here but have struggled with health anxiety for about 5 years. I'm in need of some help.

    I was diagnosed as extremely anemic nearly two years ago. Shortly after starting my iron pills I developed this weird pinching/stabbing pain in a hard to describe area. It's on my left side directly under my armpit towards my back. My anemia is fixed and I'm not on iron anymore
    I'm not sure if the iron pills are connected to the pain or not. It just happened to start around that time.

    Anyway, the pain has been off and on for nearly two years. I tend to not think about it when it's not around and panic when it is. I'm starting to get worried and cant go to the doctor because of the virus. (I dont want to possibly bring the virus home to my at risk mother.) So docs not an option to relieve my anxiety.

    I made the horrible decision of consulting Doctor Google. Now I'm terrified it might be some kind of blood clot nearing an aneurism in or around my spleen. The pain is always in the exact same place and it feels like a vein (?) I'm not sure. I just know I'm scared. I try to tell myself if I've had it for two years then it must not be serious? But I dont know! I would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me some insight. Thank you!

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    Re: Sharp pains in my side for two years. Getting worried.

    Yes I think if itís been there on and off for 2 years then itís probably not serious. Maybe itís a muscle that pinch sometimes.
    Youíre probably more worried now because you canít see a doctor.
    Ours in the UK are still doing phone consultations. Surely if absolutely necessary you have that option?

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