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Thread: Fear of testicles cancer

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    Fear of testicles cancer

    23y, male. Hello guys. I'm afraid I have testicular cancer. I have right testicle more bigger than left. I don't know how long it's been so big. The shape is normal (not like a citrus or ball), but it looks long. I dont feel any disconfort on my scrotum. Both testicles is squish, not hard. But on bigger testicle is a something like little vein or line that runs from near the bottom of the nut upwards and stops about half way vertically in the middle, it is on the front facing side attached on my nut. Its not like classic lump, but it is felt when I run my fingernail over it, and if I push on it, its very painfull. Sometimes i have occasional pain in my right side navel. My doc give me ultrasound of my belly last week and its fine. I have chest x-ray 2 months back and show nothing. But i really worried it is cancer and its spread on my lymph node and lung and i probably die...

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    Re: Fear of testicles cancer


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    Re: Fear of testicles cancer

    What did you doctor say about it?

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