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    Re: Weird messed-up family stuff

    ...aint is just Blue !!

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    Re: Weird messed-up family stuff

    Iím late to this but Iím glad youíre in a positive place with feeling things have been handled in a batter way now.

    Hope youíre keeping well!

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    Re: Weird messed-up family stuff

    Iris, there are gems in both what Carys and KK said.

    I'm gonna go a third route here and just say that it's not ever easy dealing the the mortality of a parent or older family figure. For so much of our lives, our parents or the older family members who raised use are a fixture. They're always there (whether they could be depended on or not). It's not easy to imagine life without them, whether or not they contributed to our well-being or made it worse. I know as my parents get older, I've found myself at family diners or other functions thinking, "Enjoy this now Vee, in a few years this may not be here." It's a sobering thought.
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    Re: Weird messed-up family stuff

    Thanks, all.

    Vee, you're so right. I know what my parents did, but I also know that they won't be around forever. Now they're getting old and frail I can honestly say I don't bear any sort of a grudge, and I'm mostly just glad I've been granted this few years of them being the family I always wanted.
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    Re: Weird messed-up family stuff

    You'll never forget but it's good and generous that you can forgive and make the most of their remaining years. You're in control now and have the strength and insight to know your tolerance levels with them.

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