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    Re: Covid-19 discussion thread

    Very sad that a young girl who has already had so many serious health problems to contend with in her short life should die like this. Even worse when the circumstances of her death become politicised on social be poured over by the masses who are using her to points score. Whatever happened to privacy?

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    Re: Covid-19 discussion thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Lencoboy View Post
    That chap sounded like a right chancer!!

    Also, I don't think society in general took anxiety as seriously back in 1986 as now.
    He was a chancer Lencoboy, we never did hear the outcome. But yes anxiety back then was swept under the carpet. I'd never heard of it so obviously struggled because I didn't know what I was dealing with. Comments I heard family members make lead me to keep it as a terrible secret until 1989 when I tried to do something silly. But even then I was speaking Swahili to them and to this day its still the unspoken 'illness'.
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    Re: Covid-19 discussion thread

    Young girl dies from Covid-19 complications was all I read. Thatís surely all that should matter?

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    Re: Covid-19 discussion thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Hollow View Post
    This fake news site is politicizing her death to score political points against Trump. She was suffering from cancer, autoimmune disorder and other health issues since the age of 2. The whole article is based on a fake Facebook post which has now been removed.

    Florida Teenager Dies of Complications from Coronavirus Two Days After Her 17th Birthday

    The statement went on to say that Carsyn "fought health challenges from the age of 2," including cancer and a rare autoimmune disorder, which required her to endure years of treatment and doctor visits.
    Totally agree. Any opportunistic infection/virus could have been the final straw. Sad that real people are used as ammo to score points.

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    Re: Covid-19 discussion thread

    The Sun and Daily Mail picked up the story but not the rest mentioned in the first link. They would have jumped on it.
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    Re: Covid-19 discussion thread

    Quote Originally Posted by MyNameIsTerry View Post
    The Sun and Daily Mail picked up the story but not the rest mentioned in the first link. They would have jumped on it.
    Well that's a surprise, considering they're usually among the first to stick their oar in, given that they (historically) love the drama with anything like that.

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