Hi, a very long time since posting on here. To keep things simple, Iíve not been feeling good for 8 weeks or so. So much do that I paid privately for a Covid test which returned as negative. Iím experiencing continuous PND, congestion, on and off hoarseness and chest rawness and discomfort. I have started to cough a bit but mainly to clear my throat. My GP sent me for a chest X Ray On Monday, which amazingly was done straight away - literally no one in the hospital - a busy London one. The results have come back as clear to my amazement, as the radiographers were pointing to a part of the screen which made me think they have found something or it maybe they could have seen my stents. I had a massive heart attack 3 years ago. Would the X Ray had shown an infection or pneumonia? Would it of shown the heart and also would the stents have been visible?