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    Right to be mad?

    Hi _ I didn't know where to put this so hope it's ok here.

    Today my FIL came round to drop off some medicine for my son (I was grateful means I don't have to g to the pharmacy) While MIL was chatting he started talking to me about people who are struggling with mental health during the lock down and then said "Well, not everybody goes crazy like you"

    This is all because I've been struggling and have started anti-depressants

    My SO didn't hear him and I was too shocked to say anything - I just need extra help right now, something he obviously doesn't agree with.

    It's quite upset me

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    Re: Right to be mad?

    Yes, your FIL is a tw@. I know it's tough, but try not to let it get to you. If you were feeling brave, though, it'd be great to call him on it.
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    Re: Right to be mad?

    Your FIL is most certainly well out of order. Some people just have no shame whatsoever.

    I really hate it when certain simpleton sad cases are in denial about issues such as mental illnesses and especially those who think that conditions like autism were virtually non-existent 30+ years ago and that said condition has been largely made up ever since to justify inappropriate behaviours from kids, etc, and calls to bring back institutions, etc.

    Those people are backward-thinking in the extreme.

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