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Thread: feel like Iím losing my life because of this.

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    feel like Iím losing my life because of this.

    Hi all. First post on the forum! I spent some time looking for forums online to try and find something to rant to and thank goodness I found this.

    Iíve suffered from emetophobia since I was 15 years old. A mystery illness caused me 24/7 nausea and I began growing more and more in fear that if I was to throw up, I would choke or it wouldnít stop. Iím now 18, I still have that mystery illness and I still have constant nausea, and the emetophobia is worse than ever. This lockdown is probably the worst thing to happen to me, I know when it has ended, I am not going to be able to handle being on my own due to my GAD and this phobia.

    I do take medication for the nausea but itís not helped that much. Has anyone else ever been prescribed Amitriptyline for nausea? I spend most of my days in complete fear that Iím going to vomit and it wonít stop, and itís a vicious cycle of the anxiety heightening the nausea; the nausea heightening the anxiety.

    As itís been going on for years, I feel like Iím losing my life. I havenít really been able to act like a normal teenager and I feel like Iíve lost a good part of my youth. I honest to God wish I could stop feeling sick!! Iím so tired of it, day in and day out. I hope at least someone on here can relate to the exhaustion around this cursed phobia.

    Besides things like ginger, lemons, BRAT diet, acupuncture, and whatnot, does anyone else have tips on how to handle intense nausea? Iím reaching my limit but donít want to risk seeing a doctor at this time.


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    Re: feel like Iím losing my life because of this.

    I know I am replying three months after your original post, but I definitely feel for you, Nina, because I developed a similar long-standing anxiety when I was 14, which lasted severely until I was about 17 when I started taking the (now haphazard) Stelazine, but it wasn't until I was about 20 or 21, by which time it had completely petered out.

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