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Thread: more work related stress

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    more work related stress

    hello you might remember me from a few weeks ago. I've spent the past few weeks working part-time at a factory I know. when I toned my hours down the stress I mentioned before went away almost emmidiately.

    apparently theres bin some sortof drop in the demand for agency work not sure why all I know is for the next few weeks at least theres no work for me there.

    when I was told this I decided to call the agency to see if I could claim any holidays I had before it wa to late. but instead I found myself being asked why I didn't do 40 hours weeks like most I had to turn down an offer of two till ten at different factory (8 hour factory shifts make me really uncomfortable). after that it was the weekend and for that moment at least I was safe.

    when monday rolled around I made a quick call to find out if the work situation had changed which it hadn't. I was told my file was being referred back to the main office and that I'd probably be working at a factory that was a good hour away from me. considering the amount of hours I'd be expected to work plus travell time I was not planning on being sent there. so I headed out the door and went to jobcenter to start a new claim for jsa I was careful to stay out long enough that I would miss the two o'clock starting time and just in case left my mobile off to. I spent the next couple of days making trips into town regarding jsa and a bit of general jobhunting. I was a bitter jittery with a few rounds of the shits loss of appitite and all but I was mostly ok I slept reasonably ok though I did find myself waking up a couple of hours earlier than usual and being unable to get back to sleep.

    when thursday arrived I finally had the chance to spend a day at home which again was largely normal aside from being a little jittery. the problem started when I had some dinner I had microwave pizza and a few chips. when I'd finished eating I still seemed to feel hungry but each time I ate or drank something I could tell I was full. I spent most of last night awake thinking about work and that sooner or later I'd have to force myself to do hours I dislike I got a couple of hours of sleep until about half four and spent the remainder of the night wide awake. I watched abit of tv but quickly got bored with anything that was on I tried a couple of biscuits but barely ate one even put one pack in the pack. I tried a water but only had a mouthful before deciding I didn't want anymore.

    then I started wondering if I needed to be sick not something I'm used to since I'm very rarily sick had one or two close calls but nothing. anyway now its morning and I'm wondering what can I do to prevent another night of these maddening feelings?

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    Re: more work related stress

    c'mon guys if you have any advice at all please share I'm only a few hours a way from of night full of the same sortof stuff

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