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Thread: Scared to start

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    Re: Scared to start

    emma - i'm so glad to hear this. hopefully 10 days later you are feeling even better. I love to have 2 glasses of wine at night and I don't want to give that up. that's another reason I don't want to take meds. although my pharmacist sister said it's fine. any thoughts on that?

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    Re: Scared to start

    You'll just have to see if the wine effects you while on the meds. Make sure that you give the meds the full 6-8 weeks to work before you try seeing how the alcohol affects you.
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    Re: Scared to start

    Quote Originally Posted by cofo View Post
    I love to have 2 glasses of wine at night and I don't want to give that up
    It might come down to whether having a couple of glasses of wine is preferable to the anxiety or depression. There are two issues to consider, firstly, alcohol and ADs can be an unpredictable mix for some. Sometimes they might be able to drink a herd of alcoholic elephants under the table without raising a sweat, on other days a single glass of wine may turn legs to rubber. Be extra cautious in hazardous situations until you work out how the combination effects you and especially don't drive.

    The second issue is even more important. Anxiety and depression are the emotional symptoms of physical changes to the hippocampal regions of the brain caused by high brain stress hormone levels, mostly cortisol, killing brain cells and inhibiting the growth of replacements leading to atrophy of the hippocampi (PDF). ADs (also therapy) work by stimulating neuron growth (neurogenesis).

    The problem is alcohol has the same affect on hippocampal neurogenesis as cortisol. Even moderate drinking can reduce hippocampus neurogenesis by nearly half (see also: Morris SA, 2010; Crews FT, 2003)

    Unfortunately, while alcohol is probably the most (self)prescribed anxiety/depression 'med' it can make both worse.

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