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    Is hoarseness a COVID-19 symptom?

    2 times this month I have experience hoarseness of my voice and I am concerned it's an early symptoms of COVID-19 as I read it a few places as being a symptom but couldn't find it listed as a symptom on the CDC website, nor on WebMD or any of the reputable websites. But I am worried as it has been 2 days since it started again. Granted Friday night I was yelling a little loudly which may have strained my voice but I also went to the garden center on Saturday and I didn't feel hoarse then. I was wearing a mask but with my health anxiety I always think the worst. I took my temperature and I am not running a fever. I have a cough but that's an ongoing thing that I have had since November when I was sick and I am also a smoker so I attribute the cough to that but again I am thinking the worst and hoping it's nothing but it's tough to get my mind off of it until this hoarseness goes away.

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    Re: Is hoarseness a COVID-19 symptom?

    No, I've not read it's a Covid19 symptom and if you've had this for 2 months then it's definitely not that virus. Of course smoking makes all throat and lung conditions worse, but that's your choice to continue.

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