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    Feeling like a failure turning 30 next month

    Hi all,

    Im a long standing member on this forum but I mainly post with my health anxiety worries.

    Iím 29 and turning 30 in June , and Iím not sure if itís the turning 30 crisis that a lot of people have but I am really feeling so down about it.

    I am not in a relationship , so not even close to marriage or kids or anything like that - I feel like Iím behind all my friends are either engaged or pregnant.

    Iíve never really had social anxiety so Iím not sure why I havenít met anyone I guess itís just not happened for me yet and I have had no luck .

    I feel like Iím stuck in a rut and really need to get out of it or I will never move on with my life

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    Re: Feeling like a failure turning 30 next month

    Hey I sent you a private message hope your ok

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