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    Panic symptoms - hormonal/menstrual cycle related?

    Hello all, I haven't been here in many years - have seen lots of posts like this lately and it speaks to the general anxiety we're all having right now with the pandemic. In the last couple months, I've been having nights here or there where I'll feel tired, get in bed on time, do some reading, and suddenly, out of nowhere, my heart will be pounding and racing and I'll feel wide awake. Or I'll get interrupted while I'm getting sleepy like my husband will come in and ask me something or my kid will cry, and it's like all my sleepiness is lost and I'm awake as ever. Then, the racing/pounding heart continues literally all night. I've never had this before in my life where I'm up the WHOLE night. Usually in the past it's been just 2 hours in the middle of the night, etc. but I'm able to get back to sleep eventually. The nights where this has happened I've gotten maybe 1-2 hours of sleep the entire night and feel miserable the next day of course.

    I've also started to have racing/pounding heart and jitteryness during the day for long stretches of time here and there. I'll be doing something totally non-anxiety provoking, like watching a boring webinar for work. Suddenly I'm having the fast heart rate and feel like I've just downed several cups of coffee or something. I am down to drinking a cup of 1/4 caffeinated coffee in the morning and that's it for the day, so I don't think it's caffeine amping me up.

    Anyways, my question here is, have any other women experienced these symptoms related to their menstrual cycle? I am trying to track when these times hit during the cycle and it's kind of seemed to be in the PMS days before my period starts. I also had my second child almost a year ago and am still nursing and having semi-inconsistent periods, so I know there are some weird hormonal changes happening still too. I know anxiety is playing a role in all this ramping up of my physical symptoms, but I also feel like it may be more than that. I have an annual visit with my doc in 2 weeks for a checkup and hope to have bloodwork done to see if anything else could be going on - deficiencies, thyroid, etc. I have had to modify my diet quite a bit while nursing this past year due to some intolerances my daughter has. So I am wondering if that could also be playing a role.

    Thanks all for any thoughts. Stay healthy everyone

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    Re: Panic symptoms - hormonal/menstrual cycle related?


    Firstly sorry to hear you're having a hard time at the minute. Secondly I'm definitely worse around my period, I had a really bad few days of anxiety and then a bad panic attack a little while back followed by a real calm afterwards when I went to the bathroom my period had started 5 days early and I'm sure it starting was what lead to me suddenly feeling calm. I've had lots of problems with my hormones and they effect so much. Hopefully you can see if they are triggering you and then work on overcoming it.

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