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    I will make it simple.. do i stay Virgin and sexually inactive or what?

    I'm really really freaking out about STD's

    I'm a 24 male

    I really want to try sex in any form and i can immediately there's thousands of people want to have sex with me - complete strangers - but the STD's anxiety is killing me

    So what should i do? Is there like steps to do before i e engage with any sexual activity? Like asking the person to do a test?

    How likely i would get an STD's that is life changing or serious? - note that i live in a country that is low in HIV -

    Anyway I'm really thinking of dying a virgin if I don't know how to do it safely

    I'm talking about maybe oral sex ( both to men and women ) - anal play ( no penetration ) - also maybe penetration.

    So what do you think guys? should i start being sexually active or forget about it?

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    Re: I will make it simple.. do i stay Virgin and sexually inactive or what?

    If you choose to have sexual contact with another person you have options to protect yourself and your partners. It is definitely advised to use a condom, these can be used in both penetrative sex and when receiving or giving oral to a person with a penis. There are also dental dams that can be used when orally stimulating a vulva or anus. These are barrier methods that prevent direct contact with the genitals, thus mostly preventing the risks of pregnancy and passing of STIs.

    Regardless of protection used (you should always use a condom! Especially during penetrative sex of any kind) you canít catch an STI if the other person doesnít have one! Practicing safe sex goes a long way to being sure that infections arenít passed around. Personally Iím of the opinion (and have practiced what I preach) that if a person is engaging in sexual acts with others that they should be proactive and test on a regular basis, especially if they have a partner/s that they wish to not use barrier methods with. Most sexually transmitted infections are not serious and are treated very easily, but if appropriate measures are taken then the chances of getting one are low anyway, again you canít get what the other person doesnít have. Itís important that you can feel trust and respect for a sexual partner even outside of romantic relationships.

    Also ensure to maintain good hygiene in the area/any sex toys used should be cleaned.

    I can find resources for you on safe sex practices if that would help you? I get the feeling that education regarding sex/safe sex might of been limited for you?

    Positive vibes,


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