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    Restless legs syndrome

    Does anyone here suffer with Restless Leg Syndrome. I use a sleep sound recorder and most nights I listen back and it sounds as if I'm having a seizure (the sound of kicking and shaking)
    I'm going to speak with my doctor however last night I was awake for a lot of it and it kept feeling like my leg was going to sleep and going numb so I kept having to stand up. Today my knee feels like the muscle has been pulled or something.

    So when I was reading on Dr Google I saw restless leg syndrome and wondered if anyone had it and can explain the sensations?

    Thank you in advance


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    Re: Restless legs syndrome

    Yes, I get it occasionally, my legs feel like they're buzzing and uncomfortable and I have to move them around. It can last a few hours or all night. It seems to be more common in people who have an overactive immune system (autoimmune activity). You could try some magnesium.

    Yes check with your Dr as yours may not be RLS.

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    Re: Restless legs syndrome

    I'm not sure why but I start kicking my legs to get rid of the feeling from them. It's no fun. I've only been getting this the last few months, I've been stressed with the whole Coronavirus situation as well

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