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    Worried, very worried, about CT Scan result

    I had stomach cancer, stage 1, 4 years ago
    I was treated with surgery and I had no lymph node involvement, so I was basically cured with no need for chemo

    I had a CT Scan in February 2018, clean

    I have been doing blood analysis often, always good. Tumour markers never appeared etc

    I am assymptomatic, I feel normal

    But I had a CT scan 1 week ago as part of routine

    I was supposed to get the results today in a appointment

    First... The appointment was cancelled due to COVID, and I was phoned instead, with the doctor saying the CT scan results were not ready yet, and will contact me Thursday again

    That is very weird... One week and no results? I am now very worried they found something bad and are discussing the issue etc...

    Anyone had the same experience? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Worried, very worried, about CT Scan result

    I canít speak to your experience specifically, but I would imagine that lots of scan results are being held up due to COVID - many of the technicians will be looking at scans of lungs instead! I hope that makes sense? So no news is probably not bad news. Also, if you donít have any symptoms, that is surely a very good sign. You also have four years of clean scans in your favour!

    Hope you manage to attain some calm and do check back and let us know how you get on x

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