Ok so Iím kind of embarrassed posting this, I donít like talking about this stuff but I need to know whatís wrong and I appreciate anyone who can give me an answer...

I have been home since March because of corona, my college shut down, since I havenít been running around Iíve been eating much healthier, since March, a few times a month I will get terrible diarrhea, I used to think this was a new symptom from my PMS because it would happen before my period. But it just happened and my period is now where near ready to start so I donít think thatís it.

This is my only guess, I recently started taking 60 mg Prozac, maybe in February. I had stomach problems today and I realized I didnít take my medicine last night and I heard that was a symptom.... and itís possible I forgot those other times because I have been skipping doses by accident ever since quarantine.

Could this be it??? Again I am a healthy college student whoís never had stomach problems in her life, Food has never been an issue to I donít think itís IBS. so this is really freaking me out. I donít want to see a doctor because itís not serious and this isnít the best time to go for non medical emergencies....THANK YOU AND SORRY THIS IS TMI

(The only other issues Iíve been having is lack of sleep or too much sleep, and drinking more coffee than usual, but coffee has never upset my stomach to this extent :(( )