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    Heat sensitivity and ways to stay cool stuck indoors during lockdown?

    I have had heat sensitivity the last few years and because of the current hot sunny weather my flat has become like an oven and I am finding it really uncomfortable and feeling quite unwell in the heat. My flat is currently 24 degrees and it only has one window which doesn’t open very far. I have a fan switched on but all it’s doing is blowing the hot air around and not really keeping me cool. I am on the ground floor so can’t leave my window open overnight and I don’t have a garden or any outside space so feeling very trapped and claustrophobic constantly stuck inside. Under normal circumstances I’d cope better because I’d be out at work or could stay some nights at my parents house which is always quite cool in summer, but I won’t be able to do that this year. I feel so trapped in this tiny flat and it’s making me very anxious and am scared of having a panic attack.

    The flat is modern and it’s on the ground floor, so Im surprised how hot it gets. My tenancy isn’t up until September so I can’t move and stuck here until then. I wish air con was a legal requirement in new flats and houses in the UK, especially now the summers are getting hotter, it makes me very angry people are expected to live like this.

    Does anybody else have this problem and how do you keep cool indoors in the summer? Any tips on keeping cool while sleeping?

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    Re: Heat sensitivity and ways to stay cool stuck indoors during lockdown?

    Can you get a portable air conditioner? Can you put the fan in the window (at least during the day) to suck in cool air? Also, the back of the neck and top of the head are the spots on the body that help you regulate your temperature the most. If you can put an ice pack on the back of your neck as you fall asleep, it may really help.
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    Re: Heat sensitivity and ways to stay cool stuck indoors during lockdown?

    I saw a nice portable AC unit the other day. It doesn't go in a window. It stands on the floor. Of course you have to empty some water out once in awhile or have it drain off somewhere. But it'll keep you cool.


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