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    Spotting after transabdominal ultrasound on my uterus

    I'm not pregnant and the radiologist pressed down so hard on each ovary area and overall uterus. It was painful but I didn't say anything.

    On the same day I started getting a little light brown jelly discharge and very mild cramping. Now it's changed to a little red spotting only when I wipe two days later. I'm so worried. I get my results within three weeks.

    Has this happened to anyone that is not pregnant when the radiologist pressed down hard using a transabdominal ultrasound?

    I had this one week after finishing my period.
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    Re: Spotting after transabdominal ultrasound on my uterus

    What was the scan to investigate?

    There are very many common and benign pelvic issues which could cause this. Endometriosis, polyps, fibroids, etc. Or even infection, which would of course require antibiotics.

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    Re: Spotting after transabdominal ultrasound on my uterus

    It was just a check-up.

    I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2017 after a routine ultrasound that I hadn't had for years and had a laparoscopic surgery a month later to remove two cysts. One endometrial cyst on each ovary.

    After that, I haven't had any more period pain. Only mild pain when it starts on the first day. I spot sometimes during ovulation but not recently.

    I used to have regular transabdominal ultrasounds every six months as a routine after that, but I missed a whole year and this radiologist pressed so hard, it was painful.

    If I think rationally, I think it was a combination of ovulating and irritation from pressing down hard during the ultrasound as the red spotting was only from one wipe on the second day. Third day I donít have any spotting. Iím just nervous as I missed out getting my regular ultrasounds every six months.

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    Re: Spotting after transabdominal ultrasound on my uterus

    Update: my ultrasound result was clear and my blood tests including tumour markets were normal. The doctor said this happens sometimes as I finished my period a week before and some gets left in the uterus. The doctor advised I put a hot water bottle on my uterus area and it will go away little by little.

    I hope this helps others who have the same problem to understand itís normal but to also get it checked out by the doctor preferably with an ultrasound and urine test to check for any infections.

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    Re: Spotting after transabdominal ultrasound on my uterus

    Iím glad all was well.
    I spotted after I had a transvaginal ultrasound too.

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