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Thread: Blood pressure worries at 28

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    Blood pressure worries at 28

    So, it all started with a headache. A couple of weeks ago I started getting aches in my upper neck, and they would frequently radiate to the head; sometimes, especially at night, it felt like my head was heavy and full. I had no other symptoms except for some occasional palpitations, and only when I was fed up with the pain and was looking for exercises to relax my neck muscles, I saw that such pains could be caused by high blood pressure. Last time I had taken my reading was in 2019 and it was normal, so I didnít think much about it, but then my anxiety kicked in. The same article said that high blood pressure may cause pain at the back of the head. Of course I started getting them a day later! Now I was a little worried but tried my best to keep my mind occupied with something less annoying. Eventually, after a week with headaches I did a stupid thing and got myself a blood pressure monitor. Of course, the very first readinf showed 140 something. My heart stopped for a moment. Where I live, 140 is treated as hypertension. I took another reading, and yet a few more had followed way higher than 120/80. That night it skyrocketed ton152/80. Ever since then I cannot take my mind of it. I started checkin it very frequently, countless of times every day. A good reading (120-130/80) never was the first reading; I would sit and wait until those numbers, they made me happy for a while but soon I needed to take a new reasing to be certain that I wasnít going to die that night. I started working out more regularly, at least 30-min cardio every day, eliminated all junk food, most sugar, I eat less salt than ever, limit my fats and get plenty of vegetables. And stress. Last week was good, but the thought of BP never left my mind, I do not get quality sleep. My positive thoughts seem to fail me. The numbers were ok. Yesterday at one point I felt funny, as if my heart was racing and my face felt warm. I immediatelly took my BP to see the dreaded 152/70. I couldnít get it lower than 140. Today the first reading for a few times once again was 150. It goes down when I take more readings a few minutes apart. Does it mean I have normal blood pressure overall? I feel really stressed out. Iím taking every step which, as doctors claim, should lower my blood pressure, but it keeps going up? I am considering seeing a cardiologist next week but due to COVID-19 I may need to wait. And worry. Iím scared I have hypertension that will keep me on medicine, and Iím only 28. Two years ago, I was referred to have a heart ultrasound because the dr didnít like my fast heartrate I had during the visit. The ultrasound was normal. I was diagnosed with vit D deficiancy and the heart rate was not that bad in general. So I guess nothing could change dramatically. Sorry for the long message.

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    Re: Blood pressure worries at 28

    Hey, I realise this is super late but I found your message, really hope you are over this and feeling better now. I have had the same kind of problem. As far as I know, BP changes all the time -sitting/standing/cold/hot -it's always fluctuating, and I know for a fact that people get 'white coat syndrome' -where it goes up when they get it taken. It's purely an anxiety response, which doesn't mean anything clinically. I have had to trust that mine is ok too, if it's obvious you're anxious then I would be quite certain that was the cause! I've also had a fast heartrate on a lot of drs visits, since I was perhaps 16! (I am now 34!)

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